Why the Wellness Center ?

Once done with schooling, individuals with special needs who are from low socio economic backgrounds have limited opportunities to continue learning. Some of which are sheltered workshops, open employment or supported employment. Individuals who are between the Mild to Moderate category, more often than not, find it difficult to get themselves into these setups and the individuals in the Moderate to Profound categories of disability are left with as good as nowhere to go. The Wellness program addresses this need and not only equips these individuals with skills appropriate to their need, capacity and interest, but also makes sure that the individuals simultaneously enjoy while they learn.

How it works

The individuals are enrolled for a training period of 1 to 3 years for 4 hours per day. Individualized Education Plans are devised in accordance with the unique needs of the individual and updated as per the progress. This ensures that each student is being aptly equipped in the areas of social skill, vocational training, functional training and physical development.


Soon after its inception until the present day, the center has successfully been able to measure, in tangible ways, the positive impact of activities carried out at the Wellness Center on the progress of its students. Mann always seeks to inspire positivity in the attitude of the society as well — to realize that if individuals with special needs are given an opportunity and the necessary training, they are capable of doing almost anything.

Why the Employment Cell

Students of Mann’s Wellness Center belong to varying degrees of neurological disability groups i.e. mild, moderate and severe. On receiving regular training and support,
students who meet the predefined criteria – which states their readiness for employment – are graduated to the Employment Cell. The Employment Cell caters precisely to this group of “graduated” special adults, as a platform for them to be trained in job skills in a focussed manner. This means that these students typically become capable of not just learning to be independent but in fact of taking earnings back home.

How it works

The Employment Cell has been designed to help adults with special needs increase their self-confidence and self- sufficiency through provision of employment within and outside the Employment Cell facilities. This if done for a period of 3 years for 4 hours per day.

Within the Employment Cell, this is done through the Supported structured Employment process, which involves ..

  • The manufacturing of products for the ‘Mann Made’ line of products that are sold in shops and exhibitions.
  • Taking orders for wedding give aways, corporate gifts which are customized to your requirement.
  •  If after 3 years, the student does not meet the required criteria to be placed in the mainstream – the student and the family are equipped with skills including cooking and assembly line work which can be done from home

Outside the Employment Cell, this is done through ..

  • The placement of Mann students in local businesses and companies by listing the capabilities of each student and matching them to the available employment opportunities in the surroundings
  • Through on the job training and ongoing support the employers and co – workers are equipped with skills to further train the special needs employee
  • Mann students are successfully placed in the restaurant industry, packing industry and in the education sector.


Since its inception in 2015, the Employment Cell has been able to

Placed 5 students in mainstream employment setups like local businesses and companies

60 students earn a stipend of upto Rs 500 per month, through making and selling the handmade range of products called ‘Mann Made’

Rs. 5,56,900/- collective earnings of all the students trained at Mann – who are under the supported structured employment i.e earning through the sale of ‘Mann Made’ products

Rs. 6,15,380/- collective earnings of all the students trained at Mann – who are placed in mainstream setup’s