The Mann Family is dedicated to the education and growth of chidren and adults with special needs such as Intellectual Disabilities, Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Multiple disablities and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Mann provides Functional Trainig, Need-Based Programs, Job-Specific Training and Employment Opportunities so that each of its Student may live as proudly and independently as possible



Every young adult with special needs,globally,must be empowered to lead a happy and productive life.


To improve the physical, intellectual and social life of an optimum number of individuals with special needs in India , by providing them with holistic skills and training.


Our goals are ever-evolving. However, they involve meeting quantified targets with respect to spreading awareness, admitting students, welcoming voluteers and receiving donations


The idea for Mann was evolved when a weekend hobby class, started by Beverly, Geetanjali and Dilshad ; gained popularity among underprivileged adults with special needs and their families. The increasing demand for regularizing this class grew among the close-knit network of people associated with those with special needs. Fulfilling this need soon became the mission of Beverly, Geetanjali and Dilshad who sought the backing of Gautam, whose newly ignited spirit, immediately signed him up for a lifetime of supporting the cause. And so Mann was born with a batch of 25 students and 5 staff members. Alongside the mentoring of Mr. Lachmandas Ludhani, Mrs. Vidhi Khubchandani and Mr. Arvind Singh, Mann persisted through it’s most challenging days and has grown today to 120 students and 25 staff members.

Program Highlights

Sahachari Foundation

True to their name, empowers and supports Mann’s Employment Cell and its efforts to foster employability among as many adults with special needs as is possible, since 2015.

Design One

Sahachari Foundation Events is the most elaborate and spectacular 2 day shopping festival that has given the students of Mann an opportunity to ‘earn while they learn’, through the Sale of ‘Mann Made’ Products, amidst the country’s most talented and creative designers, since 2015.

PH Finance

PH Finance supports the functioning of Mann’s Center’s through CSR.

American Women’s Club with a mission to support charitable activities in Mumbai together with Bombay Community Public Trust ensure that 5 girls from Mann get access to quality education and training.

Parent Training and Workshops teaches parents strategies for managing challenging behaviours in their children giving them the confidence that they need to competently raise their children.

Mann has adopted The Circles Curriculum from James Stanfield Company as a part of the social skills program. This has proven to be effective in helping the individuals interact appropriately with others.

There has been a significant increase in the percentage of adults from low socio economic backgrounds who avail of the training at Mann, at no cost.

Medical Camps are now a part of the program at Mann. These camps are organized with the purpose of making the students aware of their health. These camps are organized by the honorary service of General Health Camp – by Mr Ajay Nahar of Nahar Medical Center, Dentist – Dr Mansi Bhargava of Smile 32 Foundation, Opthamologist – Dr. Nikhil Nasta of iSight Eye Care and Gynaecologist – Dr Vandana G. Shetty.


Atul Oza : Founder of Blink Ideas : V & A Marketing and

Arif has been a pleasure to work with and has done brilliantly working with the whole team. A good addition to our team, he is jovial, helpful and always willing to learn. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he needed any special treatment, he is as good as the rest of the guys on the team and they all have bonded well with Arif. Thank you for making Arif a part of our team!!

Doola Shirname Darren’s co-worker at Atma

It has been a pleasure working with Darren! Darren has a very cheerful disposition and is easy to get along with. He has adapted very well to the Atma environment. Though initially he needed quite a bit of support, guidance and patience through the learning process, he now accomplishes all his daily tasks in a very structured and systematic manner. He asks a lot of questions and has been making an effort to learn the names of not only the staff members, but also of the volunteers. Having him in our midst has made us more sensitive and patient. We are thankful that Darren and his family chose Atma as his employer. We also thank Mann for making this possible.

Tushar Gogia Founder of The Orange Bowl : Sachin

Sachin is a punctual diligent worker. He is a fast learner. Other than an occasional reminder he is very thorough with following a process. He is particular about washing his hands before and after work. This is very much appreciated in the food preparation line. While h appears shy at first, he opens up and is willing to answer any questions you have for him.

Sahedeo: Jabir’s co worker at Cafe Zoe

All the staff at Cafe Zoe consider themselves fortunate to work with Jabir. He is like a family member and the best thing that he never lies. We give him work as per his skill set, and we have seen an increase in the skills that he had when he first came in. He makes sure to always ask permission to go for his lunch or other breaks. Now that he travels to work independently he also calls me every morning when he reaches work. These small things make me very happy.



The Wellness Center was inaugurated at Sita Sindhu Bhavan (Santacruz, Mumbai) and with that, Mann officially made its mark on the map. The Wellness Center was gifted to Mann by Mentor Trustee, Mr. Lachmandas Ludhani. Prior to this, Mann held classes and wellness sessions for special children and adults at different venues around the city as per availability of space and schedule. However in 2011, with 25 students (out of which half belonged to low income groups) Mann finally had a place to call home.


By the end of its first year, Mann was already showing signs of growth such as an addition of 10 new students in class with 60% of them coming from low income backgrounds. To top it all, however, the true sense of ’empowering’ and ‘making independent’ was realized by Mann, in a significant way, for the very first time when two of its students found employment, that too at Mann itself. Manjiri and Dilshad needed only a little over a year of training at the center in order to be seen as employment worthy by the teachers of Mann, as student aides. They continue to efficiently perform their duties which include setting up the class with activity-specific material, and assisting the other students in class, till today. Not to forget their beautiful smiles throughout.


While Mann’s decorative products have always received much love, appreciation and encouragement, the end of 2013 saw these product sales receiving a pleasantly surprising and yet much welcome boost. This increase in demand, along with Mann’s improving ability to supply (quality) instigated the center to officially organize these beloved products into a separate brand of their own. And thus, “Mann Made” was born. The launch of this line did not bring about much of a change with regard to the type of products being made and sold and the manufacturing process followed for the same, but there has certainly been a newfound focus on standardization of look and on offering charming packaging.


Mann’s dream of having a second center was made into a reality by Mr. Arvind Singh and Gaondevi temple Trust. The Employment Cell, located at the Gaondevi Temple in the Santacruz East area of Mumbai, was inaugurated in January 2015. It marks a major leap forward in Mann’s journey of success but, more importantly, provides a dedicated avenue for our students to find employment and, in turn, to find a form of independence.


“Mann Ki Patange” is a title that is doubly special to Mann. Firstly, it refers to the name of the song that was especially composed for the center by music director, Mr. Kashyap Sompura and sung by India’s legendary singer, Alka Yagnik. Luv and Megha Israni added the cherry on the cake by directing a beautiful music video for the song that truly enables it to spread awareness and celebration of the differently abled around the globe. Furthermore, the event that was held in Mumbai to officially launch this video song, too, was titled “Mann Ki Patange” and was graced by the likes of renowned Bollywood personalities such as Farah Khan, Shekhar Ravjiani and Jeetendra. A truly overwhelming evening it was, for Mann!